Invasion Time



It's 2012 (or any other year). After several decades of close-up observation (including multiple cases of abduction), the aliens finally decided to make their move. Earth's most important centers of human civilization became targets of vicious bombarding, with just one goal behind: complete eradication of humanity.

Your task is to protect the world, and to save as much of it as possible:

fight all around the globe, with each country having individual design,
protect buildings and cultural landmarks closely reflecting real-life objects,
don't give up! aircrafts with supplies will help you survive tough moments,
use high-tech force-shield as your last-defence protection,
fight on three difficulty levels, including insanely difficult hard,
unlock several crazy achievements and share them on OpenFeint (GREE) network.
Prepare yourself: frontal attack begins 21.12.2012!
(until then please enjoy this lite version)

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