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Alien Invasion Tower Defence

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Build your defence towers and dont let the aliens reach across the screen.

There are 24 different enemies and they are coming faster and faster with more energy for each wave.

There are 10 different levels. On each level you need to take out 80 waves atleast to unlock the next level.

There are 6 different number of towers to choose:
The larger number of towers the more demanding the game get
(Recommended NORMAL for phones with slower processors)


There are 14 different defence towers to choose from.
To start with you can buy 6 different defence towers:

Gun tower
Missile tower
Flame Tower
Lightning tower
Shock tower
Slow tower

Each tower upgrades 5 times with longer range, more firepower, higher splatrange, and shorter reloadtime.

4 towers upgrades to 2 special towers each.

Phosphor tower
Napalm tower
Big lightning tower
Lazer tower
Cluster tower
Minigun Tower
A-Bomb tower
Scud missile tower

There is a highscore list of each level so you can play each level several times to break a rekord.

To reset the levels you clear the applications data.

To play:

Select level and number of towers.
To buy towers you tap the screen and a menu appears.
To upgrade you tap a tower and upgrade menu appears.
Tap a enemy if you want the towers to target that enemy.


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