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Iron Wars is a multiplayer cross-platform 3D shooter

  • Quick game, campaign and multiplayer
  • Graphics
  • High playability
  • It's too dark: difficult to see terrain relief

"Ball of duty"

You embody an aggressive armed iron ball which purpose is to survive in a maze. Advance through that maze, get weapons, healing packs and other items that will help you to achieve your goal. You will have to move fast, avoid enemies' bullets with advanced AI and perfectly know the terrain to use it to your profit.

That's the how it works. However, what makes Iron Wars a highly playable game are its three different game modes. First off, "Quick game", in which you can choose among deathmatch, team deathmach or domination. "Campaign", which is the like the "story mode", which mission is to survive all the levels divided in three chapters. "Multiplayer mode", which isn't a online server-based game, but a local host party made with your friends and connected via WiFi and Bluetooth. You can also play team deatchmatch in multiplayer mode.

Bear in mind that Iron Wars is a cross-platform game which means that you will be able to play against your friends from your iOS no matters which supported devices they're using to play: there are Android, iOS and Windows Phone version. You can select the terrain you want to play (if you've unlocked them previously).

Graphics aren't stunning, just acceptable. We think it could be brigther, sometimes it's a bit difficult to see properly terrain relief. There's a screenpad to control the ball: on the left side a classic joypad and on the right side the shooting button. There's no need to aim because there's target auto-detection. In a few words, great game.

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