Jade's Ransom



Jade's Ransom is a 3D, top down, stealth, action and exploration game.
The aim is to collect the loot in each level before the timer runs out or before you are caught. You must avoid traps, puzzles and guards along the way whilst taking a stealthy approach.

More info can be found: http://facebook.com/jadesransom

Game Republic 2012 - Sumo Digital's Best Games Design - Runners Up

After losing her partner, Jade Stone found it difficult to make ends meet looking after her young son and working in the modern world. After banks turned her down for a loan, desperate times led her to seek out Big Vince, a notorious loan shark, to help her pay her debts left by her husband’s passing. Unable to afford the loan repayments, Jade returned home to find her house ransacked and her son gone. She uncovers a ransom letter from Big Vince with his demands, if she wants to see her son again. Jade has to turn to a life of crime to raise the ransom money, for the sake of her son.


New Dogs Old Tricks are a group of Leeds Met University students.

Adam Findlay
Website - http://www.awfindlay.com/

Matt Burnill
Website- http://mattburnill.co.uk/

Richard Ullah
Website- http://richardullah.weebly.com/

Christian Harris
Website- http://christianjohnharris.weebly.com/

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