This is a special editon of FRANK's ADVENTURES - JET-MAN EASY - DEMO.

My name is Frank. I used to be an ordinary farmer. I lived in a small village where every day was the same.
I worked the plantations and took care of the animals.
Until one night, everything changed.
I never thought that night my life will change completely.
It all started in the cosmos.
I got up out of bed and then I saw my outfit.
It was not a dream! I really could fly. I had a great drive boots and overalls for flying between the stars.
And then I reminded myself everything.

I reminded myself that I am no longer an ordinary Frank, I'm a superhero. I am a man who has super strength and super skills.
I'm a Jet-Man!

Thus began my adventure in the sky.
You can join it. Just come to my game. Download now - it's FREE.

JET-MAN FRANEK starts a long journey by:
* Family lowlands,
* Mexican steppes, *full version only
* Passes Collorado, *full version only
* Egyptian darkness, *full version only
* Inuit polar nights, *full version only
* Dutch depression, *full version only
* Australian beaches *full version only
and finally the big city... *full version only

Help Frank.

Software JET-MAN EASY DEMO is a demo version - does not include all levels and functions.
Search for the full version - soon.

It is recommended to install the DEMO version before purchasing the full version to verify compatibility with your device.

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