Joe's World - Episode 1



Joe's world is now completely free!

New version : If you like the previously peacefull version, please do not update !

Joe's World have been revamped to provide more gaming experience : a star collect system, live system, longer levels, the plateform where removed to avoid pauses and awaits in the game. More dynamic and fun, the gameplay have been accelerated. Still very doable, the new challenge make the game much deeper.

"Score: 8.5/10 this is a great platformer for the Android system"

"Joe’s World is a game that will bring memories of playing Super Mario on the Super Nintendo and other blockbusters from the era."
- Android Headlines

"Super Mario Is Back to Android with Brilliant Features!"
- Appegs

A new fresh reflex based - action plateformer on Android.

A game made for you and your kids !

Joe's World.
Episode 1 : The Old Tree

A great misfortune has arrived in the world of Joe. The Forest's Master is a victim of evil enchantment.
Without his gracious presence, the forest is dying !

Course the four regions of the world to help Joe get the magic stones that they can only treat the Old Tree !

Pay attention to the animals that you stand in the way, only fruit will allow you to become their friend so they allow you to pass!

- 5 fantastic cartoon worlds
- Non violent action : throw fruits to animals to make your way !
- Amazing rope & climb action, plateforms and fall ledges.
- Xperia Play Optimized
- Game detail can differ from screenshots depending your device

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