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John GBA - GBA emulator's review


A capable old-school game emulator.

  • It's designed well
  • High-quality renderings
  • Quick and smooth
  • Needs instructions
  • Non-functional cheats
  • Lost save data

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"Welcome To The World Of Emulation"


John GBA Lite - GBA emulator puts the power of all the classics in the palm of your hand. The emulator is used to run games that you locate and save into the app. There are some handy features on this one, from a slow / down speed up option to a well-designed on-screen keypad.


As emulators, go this one is designed reasonably well. The interface has a clean design and the buttons are laid out well. It doesn't look like a DOS program like so many emulators. The renderings are of good quality and the response times are relatively quick.


It would be nice if there was a simple way to find out how to use cheats on John GBA Lite. It needs instructions or a tutorial. Saved data was lost upon exiting and entering the game.

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by William

Jul 17, 2015

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