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Judge Dredd vs Zombies is an action RPG inspired by Judge Dredd 3D movie.

  • Graphics
  • Three game modes
  • Upgrading system
  • In-app purchase

"Dredd is back"

Judge Dredd is back, this time to free our future of a zombie invasion. Although this game is inspired by Judge Dredd 3D movie (actually when you launch the game you can watch its trailer), the storyline is different.

In this game you'll have to manage Judge Anderson through different levels infested by zombies. The goal is to impart justice with your gun and destroy all of them, while grabbing items that will help you to improve your equipment. Actually, there's an upgrading system that works like a RPG: earn coins and experience to upgrade your weaponry and buy items. If you don't have enough coins you can buy them with real money (in-app purchase).

In addition, there are three game modes. Story: wipe out the zombie horde that threatens the safety of mega city one and its citizens. Arenas: take on endless hordes of the undead, rack up a body count and earn rewards. PSI: visit judge Anderson in PSI division and intercept future crimes for big rewards.

Graphics are really good as well as animations when shooting zombies. Controls are intuitive: joypad for moving on the left side and fire/reload and actions buttons on the right side.

No matter if you have never watched Judge Dredd movies: the game is highly playable for all audience.

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