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Kairobotica is a management game Kairo-style with turn-based combats

  • Entertaining
  • Tutorial
  • Graphics Kairo-style
  • More of the same

"Attack of the clones"

Kairosoft hits back with a new space management game. Although it looks like "Epic Astro Story", the game plot is slightly different. Gameplay is still the same: a management game in which you're in charge of the security of a galaxy. You start with a space colony that you have to build up by placing stores, developing tech and strengthen your army of KairoRobots.

You'll have to send patrols to other planets in danger in order to fight against the invaders in action turn-based combats. Level up your units, train them, developer weaponry and become the official security bureau of the galaxy.

The games is graphically simple, Kairo-style. Tutorial helps to get the hang of it quickly. The only catch: Kairosoft is abusing of this game style. Until now all of them where similar regarding gameplay but with different themes. However, this one is even similar to "Epic Astro Story". Kairosoft should start to developed different style games. We need a break.

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Sep 14, 2012

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