Kill That Bandit



Kill The Bandit is a real "Reflex Trainer".
Measure your reflexes with this fast action shooting game. Touch the screen to aim for the bandit and align the sight of the gun, and release the finger to shot. Avoid the fearful sheriffs that escape in all directions and sometimes inadvertently cover the bandits. There are two game-play. Arcade mode, where you progress from level to level, with level 1 being only bandits, level 2 bandits and sheriffs, level 3 sheriffs and moving bandits, level 4 all characters moving, level 5 and further all guys are faster and faster. Kill the bandits before time expires, and try to accumulate as much as remaining time as possible. You have got only one life, and hitting sheriffs makes you lose time. The more the time you will accumulate, the more you will be a champion. Level mode (1-8) let you choose the level you want, and you have to try to lower the record (world or personal) playing 7 rounds, with from 1 to 7 bandits. In this game mode there is no time limit but you have to minimize the elapsed time.
If you mobile tablet or smartphone is connected to the Internet, you can view the world-wide records, both for arcade and level modes.

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