Kingdoms Live™


Kingdoms Live™'s review

by Peter Warrior

Multiplayer platform game.

  • Amount of online players
  • Races and classes
  • Addictive.
  • Online required. Wifi recommended

"And see the brave day sunk in hideous night"

We've been weighing up the pros and cons of the various different Storm8 games. Obviously there're games more played than others, exactly the same way that there're themes more liked than others. Kingdoms Live is one the most downloaded within the Live series. Let's try to find out why.

Kingdoms live is an standalone game where you start as a poor peasant, able only to plunge your fork into your foes' lungs. As you defeat enemies you can buy better weapons and lands that provide a regular income. If you progress enough, you'll be able to master strange summonings and wear better armors. Don't forget to loot and collect magic items.

To earn experience and loot your enemies you can fulfill missions and, here's the key, recruit new soldiers. In other words, send your personal code to your friends so they can start playing as your teammates. If you create an army it'll be easier to carry the missions on and your progress will be faster. It isn't a good idea to stay alone in a world full of havoc and war. Ask your friends for help!

To those who haven't ever played an Storm8 game, expect neither Soul Calibur duels between armored knights nor crazy sorcerers riding dragons over a 3D castle. It's a turn based game with more maths than luck: choose wisely your action and let your strength and defense points speak for yourself.

Kingdoms Live players can't fight players from other Live games. We should have to wait to see thieves fighting zombies or whatever. In exchange, you have to choose your career when you start: fighter, warlock or thief; and your race: balanced human, agile elf or sturdy orc. Each one has its own bonuses and penalties.

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