Knights And Peasants Beta



Knights & Peasants is a simple and free Realtime Strategy Game. This is the beta version, please tell me what you think.

While most RTS wargames, like age of empires, focus on economy, K&P is purely about war. Based on the Risk boardgame, K&P offers a dynamic battle ground for strategists.

- Build castles and defense works
- Train knights
- Conquer and plunder territories
- Command enormous armies with the flick of your finger

Choose from several map sizes. Smaller maps are perfect for casual play on smartphones, while larger maps offer hours of battling fun.

K&P features:
- Large, randomly generated maps of up to 120 territories.
- Defense systems for quick reaction when you' re surprised by swats of enemy forces.
- Fog of war
- Fast, dynamic zooming
- Clever real playing enemy-AI.
- Advanced autosend function for redirecting far away armies to the battlefield.
- Difficulties ranging from easy to impossible.
- In-game help function to get you started.

Have fun playing Knights&Peasants!

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