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Krazy Truckin''s review

by Peter Warrior

Lead each truck to its dock.

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Graphics and sounds above the average for this genre
  • Different game modes
  • Rather chaotic gameplay

"Truck, truck, truckin' on heaven's door"

First at all, a little bit disclaimer: know that one of the screenshots shown is an introductory image: you will never drive any giant truck in this game. It's just the menu what's shown, nothing else.

In fact, Krazy Truckin' is the nth game based on paths from one side to the another where you can drag a line to open a detour so trucks don't crash. The first thing that will catch your eye is that we are talking about trucks, not trains, even though they behave as those.

Game's pretty frenetic. Unlike other similar games, your trucks can crash without ending the game, just taking away some coins. Indeed, you'll see a lot of crashes, as they are quite hard to prevent. By the way, everything is paid with coins. Do you want to drag a new path? Pay. Want to stop a truck? Pay. Want to increase your power ups chance and strength? Pay. This pay for everything is kept by a earn money every time a truck arrives to its goal income, so I'm sure you will love this game if your mind hasn't been blown in the first five minutes by the symphony of kachings! and crunches, because yes, game's worth played with sound.

Ghost mode is appreciated, and there are quite a handful different stages. In the end, a thrilling, intense game, suited for those who prefer a casual game to get on their nerves instead of something brainier.

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Jun 21, 2012

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