Kung Fu Do Fighting


Kung Fu Do Fighting's review

A retro fighting game with recognizable styles of play

  • Simple, yet challenging
  • Multiple game modes
  • Cool retro look
  • Needs more content
  • Poor play mechanics
  • Lots of ads

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"Are You A Kung Fu Fighter?"


Kung Fu Do Fighting puts you in a Street Fighter-esque setting where you must battle your way through skilled combatants. The pace is fast and the fighting is frenetic, so if you're looking for fighting of all types and styles, you may want to give this retro fighter a second look.


This game is both simple and challenging at the same time, making for great player engagement. With a couple different game modes, there's plenty of different ways to play. The retro graphics will be cool for some.


It's sorely lacking on content and could use a lot more characters and maps. The play mechanics are also suspect, as enemies are practically invincible at times. How about some great animations? It's ad-heavy.

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by William

Oct 01, 2015

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