Kung Poo Monkey



Help Kung Poo Monkey rescue his girlfriend from the evil jungle animals in this vine-swinging, banana-eating, poo-throwing action adventure. Wise in the art of Kung Poo, help our brown belted hero defeat an array of jungle villains with the only resource available… poo! What to do when the poo runs low? Eat bananas of course.

Do you have what it takes to save your girlfriend and become a Kung Poo Master?


+ Top 5 Amazon "Hot New Releases" (March 2012)

+ "A cool little poo throwing adventure!" - AppsBabe 

+ Intuitive controls… swipe and tap!
+ 15 levels of poo throwing fun!
+ Unlock skill building mini games!
+ Structures to attack and destroy!

Tags: cartoon monkey flinging poo

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