Kurukshetra - The Epic War



*** A blend of dice play and strategic RPG battle elements against the backdrop of Indian Iron Age

*** Manage commanders, military units, power and heal boosters to win 18 battles of the epic war of Kurukshetra

*** Enjoy this fantastic war game based on the ancient Indian saga known as 'Mahabharata'

The diplomatic talks have failed and the Pandava warrior brothers have challenged the Kuru dynasty.

The war of Kurukshetra has begun!!!

Control the five Pandava warriors, equip them with powerful attack and heal boosters and march into battle.
The game also involves recruiting military units like war elephants, chariots, armored cavalary and infantry.
Cast the dice to strengthen the units and counter the enemy attack. Engage in head to head combat with the Kaurava commanders and defeat them with strategic use of the attack and heal dice.
Chance will also play an important role with surprise attacks and critical weapon blows.
Play through the eighteen days of 'The Epic Kurukshetra War' to emerge as the victorious dynasty which would rule the Iron Age India.

Game Music Credits:
'The Looming Battle' by Stormcat
'Heat Of Battle' by Walid Feghali

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