Ladybug and Marble



Ladybug and Marble (also named: Flick Marble) is originally from a traditional Chinese children's game: shooting marbles with thumb and forefinger into holes on the ground. The shooter wins the other players' marbles that get shot into the holes. In the end, players compare the number of marbles each player has won, and reward the final winner.

This mobile game is designed to play on the grass field with four soil holes at each corner. The player uses a steel-like cue ball as shooter. The aim of the game is to achieve "Diamond" ball by collecting the highest points.

Points are awarded by:
* Knocking colour balls into the holes with cue ball
* Dragging ladybug into the holes
* Crashing rocks by tapping them

Each player has five lives per game. The player will lose one life when:
* Dropping the cue ball into the holes
* Cue ball hitting the rocks
* Not knocking the bomb ball into the holes within the time allowed

Players will not lose life when hitting the ladybugs or the haystack.

Eating mushroom will empower the player to become temporarily invulnerable to all damage.

When the game is over, players can decide to submit the score to local machine or online to compete with millions of other players all around the world.

This is a fun game for adults, young kids, and the entire family. Download it today and have a good time!

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