Last Bullet



Thank all of you who gave us 5 stars and warm comments :)
We are preparing FREE package with new guns for you! Few more days!

WARNING This is BETA version, so it could crash on some phones. Sorry about that... Really.
We are getting all error reports and working HARD to fix it. So please, don't kill this game with 1-star opinion just because of our lack of skills. Cut us some slack here! This is FREE game and low rating demotivates us... Thanks

It is year 2020. Few years ago science found the way to install small programs into human brain. Neuro-apps Safe and easy.

Well... actually... not so safe. Someone started creating malicious neuro-apps. Friendly and helpful at first, than deadly. Panic grow. Government started to pay for each deleted neuro-app. First time in history licensed hacking become legitimate.

Hackers use military mobile devices. Labs made it look like guns and ammo, but those are just advanced AI.

You are trying to make living as a professional hacker...
Paying for licence left you with no money. Great start.
You got just this Glock v1.0 STD, but you feel great things waiting...


There are more than 60 guns available for the game.
We are working hard to prepare them all.
And we promise to publish new gun every Friday.

Last Bullet was designed for tablets as well as phones and tested on resolution 1280x800.

Pictures of weapons used in this game were created thanks to courtesy of (

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