Lava Girl - Demolition Puzzle



Ready your lava bombs, aim on the weak points, and watch those buildings crumble.

In this amazing physics based puzzle game you play as Lava Girl, the gigantic goddess from Earth’s Molten Core. She has the sacred power to summon Lava Bombs. They must be carefully chosen, properly aimed and timely detonated in order to bring those buildings down to complete destruction.

* Skyscrapers with a Sci-Fi design
* Explosion driven destruction experience
* Realistic physics engine allows multiple and creative solutions for each level
* Different kinds of Lava Bombs for enhanced strategy
* Detonating Lava Bombs is a great stress reliever!

Coming soon:
* New levels and areas
* New kinds of bombs and buildings
* Level editor
* Social network integration
* Much more!

Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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