Life of Steve Jobs



Welcome to Life of Jobs — a whimsical and introspective look at the life & times of the late technology icon, Steve Jobs. It's a game that hypothesizes the mind & inner dialog of Jobs, and explores the various mental, physical & metaphysical actions he takes to turn the Mundane into the Profound.

For you game taxonomists out there wondering what type of game this is, let's call this one a "2D role-playing game with action/arcade overtones".

Play as a young Steve Jobs enrolled at Reed College, and work your way from the dorm room to the board room (& beyond) in this wacky, hilarious, and intimate game experience.

+ Innovative game design — RPG style stats, mixed with high-paced arcade action
+ Meditate to binaural beats and explore your own astral plane!
+ Party with Steve Jobs!
+ Go to work with Steve Jobs!
+ Have awkward inner mental dialogue with Steve Jobs!
+ Brainstorm with Steve Jobs!
+ Simply put...BE Steve Jobs!
+ Simple & "enlightening" comedic gameplay
+ Locations include: Reed College, Atari, India, Apple, and the Astral Plane
+ Eye-Catching 2D Graphics & Smooth Animation
+ Unlock new chapters to uncover his story at your pace

"You are Steve Jobs, and this is your Life."

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