Line Runner


Line Runner's review


Line Runner is a platformer that requires fast-reflex

  • Simplicity
  • Highly addictive
  • Online leaderboards
  • Graphics
  • Only one game mode

"Not recommended for people with heart condition"

This is one of that kind of games that are really simple regarding graphics and gameplay but that gets you deeply hooked. The premise: you're a doodle running on a line full of obstacles on the ground or in the air. You have to jump or roll to avoid them.

Where's the fun in this? The fun is on the reflex you need to achieve it: the doodle is running really fast so you have to concentrated 100% on the issue. Short-jump, long-jump or roll, but do it right in each case. There aren't either games modes nor levels: just one level, an endless mode in which the further you get the higher score you'll get. In order to challenge yourself and your friends, you can share your scores on online leaderboard provided by OpenFeint.

The graphics are really basics: line, obstacles and doodle are pencil-drawn, set in a notebook sheet background. That's all, no special effects, no colors. However, it remains high-addictive. This is one of those example where simplicity matters much more than graphics and plot. Congratulations to Robert Szeleney, its developer, focused on the developing of this kind of simple games.

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