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Adds a social element to the idea of being a mob boss.

  • Good graphics
  • Social element
  • Long load times

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"Run Your Own Digital Mafia"


Mafia Game provides unique gameplay experience with good graphics, sound, and a social element that allows the player team up with others. Unfortunately not all is well in the land of the mafia as there are some drawbacks to the gameplay experience.


This game has good graphics and sound and provides a compelling element to the gameplay. Mafia Game also adds an experience point aspect that allows players to gain new abilities and items as they level up within the game. A decent amount of content is provided.


Load times between levels are very long and the game rules don't exactly compliment the gameplay. There is a lag time between when you deposit your money and when it shows up, resulting in a decreasing level of enjoyment while playing the game.

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by William

Mar 10, 2015

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