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Introducing Maze Warp, the maze racing game with warp speed! Reach the opposite corner of the maze before your opponent to warp to the next maze. Your opponent gets faster after each many mazes can you complete before your opponent reaches the corner first?


- New random maze each round.
- WARP button - Make a wrong turn? Think you're behind? Tap the WARP button to warp to a new random maze. You and your opponent keep your current positions...NOW who will have the shortest path to the corner? Earn a new warp for each completed maze (max three).
- Bonus points for finishing the maze quickly.
- Multiple control options; touch screen, d-pad, or trackball.
- Multiple difficulty settings.
- Multiple maze sizes.
- Game speed option.
- Separate high scores for each difficulty/maze size setting.
- Global leaderboard provided by Scoreloop.

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