Mercenary Reckoning



Hire a team of freshmen mercenaries and fight the survival deathmatch against nature on offshore islands!

Chose the members of your team from a group of unique personalities and enter the battle zone. Set individual movement and attack paths for each of your mercenaries and ambush your enemies. Try yourself at the 10 different levels each with different enemies and environments. Between the levels you can use the rewards to hire new members and refill your tired soldiers.

Mercenary Reckoning is an action strategy game that can be played as fast or slow as you want. The action can always be paused if you need to rethink your strategy. You can also easily drag new movement paths for your mercenaries while the game is running.

Can you beat the 10 rounds of the Mercenary Reckoning?

Inspired by the PC strategy hit "Jagged Alliance", Mercenary Reckoning was developed in one month time in February 2013 as part of the "One Game A Month" challenge.

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