Missile Defense



Classic arcade action with fresh visuals!

What's coming in the next release:
-Better looking missiles.
-Better looking planetary explosions.
-New sounds
-Ability to type your initials when there is a new high score.

Ideas for future releases:
-Ability to immediately start the game at more challenging levels.
-Player abilities that unlock as you progress further (New weapons, shields, etc...)

This is the ad supported version of Missile Defense. Find the ad free version, Missile Defense Pro, in the Android Market.

Take the reigns as Supreme Commander of your military forces, tasked with holding off the complete and utter destruction of your planet. As the last line of defense, you must defend the planet from endless waves of missiles that steadily increase in numbers and speed.

Tap the screen to trigger explosions in front of inbound missiles in order to destroy them before they destroy the 3 major population centers located on the surface of the planet.

Press your device's option button for options and to pause the game.

This game is based off of open source code and is still a work in progress. If you're interested in seeing the code to Missile Defense, would just like to suggest a feature, or just report a bug, send me an email at antiwiggin@gmail.com

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