Missile Dodge



*** version update. 1.2. Lowered the level of difficulty.

*** It is also being sold in iPhone AppStore.

When you feel bored,

When you take a gamble with your friends,

When you want to take a rest, neither studying nor work!!!

You may need it.

Missile Dodge!!!!!!!

This game will test you how long you can avoid plenty of missiles. Do not worry you spaceship after crashing into missiles. The spaceship has already moved in safety place with a time warp.

Come to compete with world-wide users in our ranking service!

* Description of Items in the game
- Shields: It lasts 4 sec and make your spaceship invincible.
- Booster: Slow spaceship also has advantages to control in detail, but in an urgent and dangerous situation you have to escape from there. Booster item will help you.
- Blade: When so many missiles are coming to your spaceship, please look for this item in hurry. This item will save you from orange color missiles.
- Timer: It runs the time warp machine and bring your space ship 3 sec forward.

* Is it so easy to play? Have you already reached the time limit? Do you want more variety spaceships?
* According to Dr. Yoon(who made these spaceships), it costs only one dollar which is cheaper than a cup of Americano coffee you just drunken yesterday.

* Differences after you add more spaceships
- No timelimit
- You can play with the other two spaceships which Dr. Yoon made.
- You do not have to see annoying ad banners no more. We know you never touch that. Let's remove it right now!!

* Description of spaceships
- Cassiopeia: It is so basic and fly in very normal speed. Boring. Even though… It is fine. Great pilot never blames his spaceship.
- Perseus: Speed is not only key to solve all problems. Expensive machines like these spaceships should be carefully treated. It is slow but delicate.
- Scorpius:You know what? Red is passion!! Passion is ours!! Scorpius is the Dr. Yoon's ambitious work, can move around so fast.

I know you are already downloading it. Thank you very much!!!

*****[ Student venture company #define ]*****

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