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    Published: 2013-04-03, by Peter Warrior.

    A smart strategy game

    • Easy yet challenging strategy game
    • Over average graphics
    • It might be too simple depending to whom

    "Twinkle, twinkle, little tank..."

    Modern Conflict 2, aside of the obvious sequel to Gaijin Enterntainment's Modern Conflict, is a strategy game in the pure meaning of the word, as there isn't any luck involved. You control a base which spawns ex tanks every wy seconds. In order to overrun bases nearby you have to send more tanks than base's defense, and you will lose as many tanks as that number. Likewise, when you pass by enemy vehicles, they're killed in a one by one basis.

    Of course, everything gets more complex as you advance levels. Some bases will be fortified or armed with anti-tank artillery, so their defense stats will be higher. Have for sure you'll get the hang of it in less than a minute. It can be a strategy game, but it's quite stressing, as you have to be moving your troops all the time to keep your front lines supplied. Thence, it's you and your strategy: you can either try to conquer all neutral bases first to amass a huge army or swiftly go to keep a few strategical points and siege enemy's headquarters before he can defend himself.

    Modern Conflict 2 won't satisfy hardcore gamers as it has too few variables, but casual gamers will find a smart, challenging and intense game.

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