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Mold Busters has the #1 environmental game of all time and it's now available to you! Mold Busters is an educational and entertaining game, designed to introduce you to the world of mold inspection, removal and remediation. Playing our game, you'll learn about different types of mold and the proper ways to remove it. You'll compete with others online and possibly (if you're really good) become the world's best Mold Buster!

The Mold Busters game has several features, which will surely keep you entertained and playing into the late hours of the night. The following are the main features:

• multiple levels to conquer
• different mold types
• detailed mold growth
• hidden super weapons

What are you waiting for? We know mold removal is a complex procedure in real life, but see what fun busting mold can be in game form! Join the global phenomenon as it goes viral!

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Game credits:
Music by: Spenser.Paul
Sounds by:
Pete Goodman

Tags: mold spelling game , stampo

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