New releases!
Collect monsters, Kachisusumeru in real time battle!

Different world where monsters and humans coexist.
You can create more powerful monsters that you scout the wild monsters, the blending, you may want to create the strongest monster party!
A friend can be more than 150 unique monsters! !
Kachisusumu each stage will master skills, specific attacks of monsters!

=====Game Features =====
■ Real-Time Battle
Assess the progress of a battle to replace ever, will feed the monster.
There is a monster in chemistry, grab the victory by fighting with the other party more favorable nests!

■ Strategy
The monster has specific skills and abilities,
Good opponent and battle station in accordance with the ability to have that I exist.
Will be forwarded to advantage by making the battle to maximize the ability of friendly monsters!

■ compounding
You can create a monster by blending powerful, does not exist in the wild.
There is a thing that the monster has been born is blended with additional capabilities as the ability of parents that inherited ability.
Utilizing the abilities inheritance, more than attempting to demonstrate the role wild monsters!

■ Offline
Internet connection is required.
Enjoy a full offline game!

===== Notice =====
■ About the Author
This game is a game created by the individual.
I'm scheduled to do from time to time as well as maintenance and upgrade,
The differences, there is not enough manpower, you may respond urgently and can not be able to be firm.
Please forgive me.

■ Copyright
There is a part of the image copyright used in this game.
All copyrights are assumed to conform to the contents of the following sites.

■ request

Please list to field requests review or comments about the game.
I take the evaluation seriously bad good rating.
In principle we can not answer questions on projects.

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