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Monster Rivals's review

by Peter Warrior

A turn based fighting game

  • Easy to learn
  • Cute design
  • Players have no control over battle (unless special attacks)
  • Very limited strategy or tactics

"I (would rather) choose you!"

Monster Rivals is a one vs one game about cute monsters fighting each other for no reason beyond earning experience points and gold to become stronger and wealthier. Before you ask, it is not a 2D Fatal Art of Street Fighting game: it is turn-based, no matter if screenshots make you understood otherwise.

First off you have to create your own monster among a hundred or so combinations, plus five different colors. When you start you don't have many options, namely attack and attack and attack, though it's worthy to be seen because monsters are actually very cute. The best comes when you have filled you special bar and cast a super-attack. Although normal attacks succeed automatically, when it's magic time you have to tap a sequence on screen following a tricky rhythm. This gives quite interest to the combat, as depending on how you manage to tap your superattack, you will inflict as damage as well.

As it couldn't be otherwise, you can (must) purchase items and upgrades to boost your monster's prowess and challenge stronger enemies. It won't win an Oscar, but it can be entertaining because it has easy learning and difficulty curves, and it's imbued with a pokemón-ish scent that may lure children and teens alike. In the end, it's a good timewaster whose greatest flaw is to be so cute for a so simple gameplay.

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