Monsters Rampage


Monsters Rampage's review

by Peter Warrior

Play as a monster and destroy the city.

  • It was a good idea
  • Nearly unplayable


Monsters' Rampage do its best to fetch our childhood memories, when we enjoyed those whacky Japanese films featuring huge (three feet) monsters made of papier mâché laying waste on cardboard cities as big as a dinner table. Soon names as Godzilla or Gamera were familiar to us and we devastate Lego buildings with earthquakes (pull out the carpet) and giant lizard toys.

The idea behind this game is to put you beneath the skin of one of those monsters and flatten a city in side-scrolling action. You control one of the monster's upper extremity by swiping on the screen. There seems no way to dodge or block the incoming and many attacks, but you can unleash your rage in the form of a fire breath or whatever.

Unfortunately, controls are very poor and game lacks of a tutorial or a single tip, so games will consist on struggling to land a single blow where it should and wonder why nobody more resourceful codes this same game from scratch.

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May 10, 2013

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