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    mr h mouse - cheese n crackers

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    hello. i am mr h mouse. undercover roving reporter for the crabline magazine, in north norfolk, england.

    some of my friends are having a party in the mouse hole, but we have nearly run out of cheese to nibble. so they have sent me out to get some. can you help me?

    in my “cheeses n crackers” game you direct me up and up and up collecting cheese as i go. you bounce the little picture of me from small shelves made of crackers by tilting your phone from side to side. the idea is that you collect cheese slices along the way and eventually reach the huge plate of cheese at the top.

    okay, so we all know that crackers don’t float in the air and cheese slices don’t spin in space, but it’s only pretend. just like any other silly game. mrs w mouse says she has never seen the little picture of me get to the top yet, but someone out there might be able to do it. perhaps it’s you?

    it’s an easy game to get the hang of. you tilt your phone and i go from side to side bouncing on the crackers. if i land on one of the edam cheeses i bounce higher. but look out for the flying mousetraps. if you send me into a trap i fall to the bottom of the screen and it’s game over. squidge! oh dear! nasty!

    come on! are you the player who can send me to the top and get some cheese for us mice to nibble at the party?

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