Nebula Retro (Full Version)



This game has no ads or IAP. It does not require internet access permission! Just a FREE console quality platform game.


It's a game you can play with one hand or two
And it plays like a NEBULOUS dream.
BLOCKMAN retrieves the Pearls of Blockoo
And evades the Scoundrels of Freem.

It grows more engaging the more that you play.
You'll be glad you bought it, for sure.
If you feel in high spirits and want a fun day,
Please purchase our app from this store.

BLOCKMAN secures his leverage by
Surface-attractions electro
-Static! For the price of one beverage, why,
Please consider NEBULA RETRO!



Nebula Retro is a platform game with a stylish, space-age theme and cool music! It is an escapade in the tradition of ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 games from the golden age of the '80s! The simplicity of Nebula Retro belies a sophisticated physics engine, super-smooth animation and pixel-perfect touch controls, making the game enjoyable and satisfying -- the perfect recipe for casual play!

Levels are fully editable: as soon as you conquer a level, you can edit it. If you finish the game (Good luck to you!), you can add your own levels too. There is no limitation. Nebula Retro is almost infinitely expandable.

Game Features:

* Play in landscape (scrolling) or portrait mode
* 26 built-in levels (+ see below)
* Realistic physics engine
* Squash baddies with falling crates
* Antigravity & Rocket boost
* Touch-sensitive platforms
* Edit existing levels (once conquered) and design new ones
* Three graphics modes: Space, Xmas and 8-bit
* 4 ambient/techno soundtracks for a cool, spacey feeling!

** NOTE: This app does NOT require internet access permission. **

Nebula Retro includes customisable controls. After choosing one of the default styles, individual buttons can be repositioned however you like.

The included control styles are:

* Classic Nebula Retro 4-button mode for one hand or two, wherein one button is used at once.

* The standard 3-button mode that everyone is used to (directional buttons on the left, jump button on the right), for use with two hands. In this case, two buttons can be used simultaneously.

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