New Planet Earth



We want to make game which All people enjoy. Then we decided to use 'Orientation Sensor'. As a result, the disabled have one arm can play it.

Contest will be held on 20th monthly. For more information, you can see 'Contest Information' in this game.

▒▒ The Scinario of game
Alien invade a peaceful planet. They try to migrate the prisoners. The prisoners is called Humans.And the planet is called Earth.'Earth' means 'prison' in thier language.

Succumed to Alien, all creatures of the earth but Arch-aeopteryx.

You are Alien. Your mission is to fight Archaeopteryx. And remove them. No weapon to them. And They are suicide attacks. Approached them to carefull. They have psychic. It makes your fighter break.

Good luck to you!

▒▒ What we want to make
We want to make like kakao talk, angry bird, anypang, ndrive, subway, my people, tyny farm, Ninja Fishing, Paladog, Swampy, Minecraft, Fruit Ninja, Zomby, rule the sky, and so on.

▒▒ Thank you, Mai Thi Quyen
Thank you, Mai Thi Quyen! We'll pay your money back. Until then, wait please~.

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