Ninja Eel Smashfest



Stop Ninja Eels from stealing your bait and ruining your fishing trip. Hate those nasty eels? Grab your mallet and smash them! Global leaderboards by scoreloop for survival mode.

Test your reflexes by hitting ninja eels with a color coded mallet. Collect a chain bonus by smashing the same color eels in a row.
Smash a passerby grey fish to replenish your bait stock, or enlist a shark to chomp those eels. Collect a hammer power up to smash any color eel.

Features a campaign mode with 15 levels to test your reactions and memory. Smash well, get plenty of chain color combos and you will be rewarded with a gold trophy.

Play survival mode to see how long you can outlast their ninja skill. Publish your scores to beat the rest and be the ultimate smasher.

android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE is required by scoreloop.

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