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Leap to avoid obstacles and enemies as you ascend the wall

  • Free
  • Easy
  • Challenging.
  • Can get boring too quick.

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"Jump then juump then juuump"

The basics of the game are quite simple. You are climbing a wall and you should jump to another when dodging is needed, as when you find obstacles and enemies. Tap the screen to jump. The scroll doesn’t stop, and a counter measures (scores) how high you arrive. When you achieve a new record you cross a finishing line and that will be your only goal when playing City Jump.

If you kill three enemies of the same kind in a row, you will earn points and some seconds of invulnerability. It seems easy at the start, but gets more and more complicated. The learning curve is very appropriate, but once you achieve higher and higher scores you’ll be lazier to start over. Once you get a really high score, it's likely that you uninstall the application and get yourself something else to do. Until then, you have spent some time thinking about nothing up and jumping from wall to wall. To wall to wall. To wall to wall. Don’t expect anything else, except for more ninjas and squirrels ( ! ). When you are proud enough of your score, you can post it on Facebook or Twitter. Adds are placed at the upper part of the screen, so they are not too much intrusive.

There is much controversy over which one came first, whether this or CityJump.

We will not discuss CityJump is a nice game, has several themes and it’s well done. We also like Ninjump, so we let you decide what’s better. At the end, both are for free.

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