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    Do you think you have what it takes to be a mother? Prove it taking care of Noe, a little 7-month-old baby. You'll have to feed her, clean her, play with her and take her to the bed.

    When Noe feel bad, you'll have to give her the medication, and if Pau is hungry you will have to give her a feed bottle.


    * To feed Noe, take her to the baby highchair (touching and moving), and then give her the feed bottle.
    * To heal Noe, take her to the baby highchair, and give her the medication.
    * To make her to sleep, you just turn the light off (touching the lamp) and then take her to the bed (touching and moving her).
    * Play with Noe with just moving the rattle all over the room.
    * Also, you can clean the room moving the soap over some poop.

    * At the top, you have a score, where the best the baby is cared, the most points you get.
    * Also you have a status bar where you can see how Noe is feeling, and what she needs (a dark icon shows she need something, and a bright one shows she is sated).

    If you were a good Tamagoshi(tamagotchi, tamagoshi) and Noe player (virtual pet), you can bet you are going to make a good job with Noe (virtual baby).

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