Notebook Blaster



Notebook Games Needs You!
Defend Earth from the Alien Invasion!

Take control of Earth's Last Spaceship to defend Earth in a non-stop adrenaline pumping game that will push you to the limit.
Three types of alien ships will try to breech your defenses as you blast through the invading army.

Aquire power-ups to help you with your mission:

** Shields
** Twin Shot Blasters
** Health
** Lives
** Ammo
** Experimental Time Warp

Notebook Blaster offers 2 Modes for your trek in space:

** Survival Mode - Do your best to surive, your ammo may run out
** Earth Defense Mode - Protect the Earth at all costs,
don't let aliens through your defenses

Track who the better Astronaut is with a High Score Table!

Concept by Paul Eyer and Adam Diterlizzi
Programmed by Paul Eyer
Art by Adam DiTerlizzi
Lead Testing by Jeanette Morris

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