NyaHaX 2010



The arrangement version "NyaHaX 2010" of legendary time trial shooting "NyaHaX'93" appears in Android/iPhone/iPad !!
"NyaHaX 2010" is a time trial shooting game which clears the stage of which in 3 minutes and competes for a score.

Story ------------------
Hi there I am "Kuma-chan".
I took off my figure of "Kuma-chan", How was you.
That's just so hot at that time, because I'm just a little it took off.
17 years from it. Thankfully patronage unchanged.
That 's why (again),
I'm going out on a journey of the universe "NyaHaX 2010"!

How to play ---
Although the self-opportunity on which you (pink "Kuma-chan") ride does not have restriction in a number, whenever it is damaged by an enemy, it will be pulled for 10 seconds from remaining time.
the octopus which will fall if an enemy is beaten -- let's aim at a complete clearance, getting an upgrade item, time items, etc., such as - cuttlefish sea urchin.

See the true ending which cleared completely and was not clarified in a previous work!!

Movement of a self-opportunity: They are a touch or Flick to a place to move.
Discharge of a cartridge: Pushing Shot is continued in a tap.

The detailed method of play should see by "HELP" in a title screen! (It is written in Japanese.)
Adjustment of a button position, size, a screen, etc., etc. can be performed in "CONFIG"!

Correspondence model ----
Android 1.6 or more version loading model

Attention -----
* Ranking serves as network correspondence.Please keep in mind that registration etc. are impossible in the environment which is not connectable with a network.

The latest information and ranking news flash of NyaHaX 2010 are checked by Twitter!

iPhone/iPad Version

Original Flash Version (PC/Mac)

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