Old School Rally




    A retro arcade video game where you race through maze-like race tracks to collect flags and avoid enemy cars. Blast the bad-guys with smoke or missiles.

    Three years have passed since the death of your beloved mentor, Slippy McCorkle. He taught you every thing you know about handling a high-speed race car, winning rallies, and defeating evil whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head. Disillusioned, you roam the roads and race tracks of the world seeking purpose in meaningless rally after rally.

    One day a mysterious team of drivers, EvilCorp Racing, enters the World-Wide Global Rally Championships of Racing Rallies, in order to both take your championship cup and destroy the world as we know it. If their evil plans succeed, they will form an entirely new world -- a world ruled by chaos, constant strife, and the sorts of people that speed up when you put on your turn-signal so you can’t get over into the lane.

    Who is this masked driver, who has vowed to destroy you? Who is Racer-XYZ? Will you succeed in single-handedly foiling the plots of EvilCorp? Or, will you fail miserably, sending civilization into a dark age that will make medieval times look like a delightful, spring picnic? Start your engines!

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