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    Open Sea! Go Down Mo!'s review

    Published: 2011-10-24, by Peter Warrior.

    Help the people to reach their promised land.

    • Absolutely no nonsense fun.
    • Brain racker.
    • Great design

    "Can you draw out Leviathan with a fishhook, too?"

    Open Sea is an hilarious game where you ought to help to people to cross the Red Sea -for example- casting your little daily miracles. Exempli gratia, splitting sea apart, repel thirty feet high waves, landing lighting bolts upon sinners and wrong-doers and multiplying fish and chips at snack time. This really means that it's a timing game with somewhat strategy at higher levels. As everything related to miracles, it's hard to explain yet easy to understand once you've seen it.

    Water blocks your faithful herd from arriving to the promised land so when you tap on a "closed" wave, a gap will appear and your followers will be able to pass through dry ground. Split waves successively to create corridors. If a corridor is too narrow you can stretch it wider in exchange of shrinking other gaps. Try to save even those poor drunken souls, the elder, the frightened and protect them all from mummies, knaves and Egyptian gods of death that only deserve to end drown because the voice from the sky was pretty convincing . By the way, repel evil ships and prevent your followers harm themselves. Throw'em a bolt or two to spur the good fellows on and shock the evil down.

    At some time you'll meet heroes, who are able to cast lesser miracles (walk on water, raise the dead) to help you and your people. And, if you're lucky enough and behave you might sail on a legendary ark. Every level is rated with the currently in-style three stars score, depending on how many people you saved. If you need a break of campaign mode, there's another one waiting: time trial is a mind blaster.

    Open Sea is as simple as great. In some way, to give you an idea it reminds Lemmings. Every character has been designed with care and The Pixelizers have taken enormous trouble over the lovely music, the fun gameplay and the overall performance of the whole game. In short, a great great game. Original, fun and with an adequate upgrade policy. If free version came only with the first seven missions but included no ads, this complete version unlocks every level. Once you upgrade it, every feature is multiplied and makes Open Sea! worth every cent. In addition, last update brought an opening video worth watching twice.

    Anyway, we predict a long and prosper life to this game. If their developers don't fail to add levels now and then, a new character not too often and, in resume, to merchandize it properly -call it rovioing if you like- this game may be one of the best hits ever.

    Until then, it's a strongly recommended game for all ages and beliefs, which can be endlessly enjoyed by from the most casual gamer who has just landed on Smartphoneland to biblical level players who need a smart break from whatever they were doing before.

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