Overkill: Space Shooter


Overkill: Space Shooter's review

by Peter Warrior

A perfect time-consuming side-scroller.

  • Excellent gameplay
  • Music
  • Huge screen recommended

"Far more than dodge and fire"

There was a time when sidescrollers reigned over other videogame genres. Who could forget Nemesis and R-Type? Sidescrollers will always bring that little dose of instant nostalgia associated to smashing big red buttons with no strategy at all but surgically pinpoint accuracy moves when all screen was full of little shiny spheres shot by a myriad of enemy ships.

Times may have changed, but there's still room for a penultimate war against alien hordes. You know we love when a classic is updated, and Overkill certainly does it pretty well. The basics of the game not only haven't changed, but there're also some nice additions as manually shielding and launch guided missiles. Upgrades can be bought at the end of each level and scores can be shared via Scoreloop. Four difficulty settings ensure that everybody can try it out. Finally, it has to be said that responsiveness and gameplay is optimal -something crucial in a game of this kind.

This paid version includes twenty complete levels and an extra survival mode. Maybe they won't be enough, but you'll enjoy playing them for sure.

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Aug 16, 2011

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