PAC-MAN CE for Xperia™ PLAY


PAC-MAN CE for Xperia™ PLAY's review


A retro Pac-Man game with colorful neon graphics

  • Cool graphics and design
  • Fun gameplay
  • Unique challenges
  • Huge file size
  • Long load times
  • Poor sound quality

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"Pac-Man Arrives On Your Mobile Device"


Welcome to the world of neon Pac-Man. This is classic Pac-Man refreshed for your mobile device. So if you want to embark on some pellet-eating fun that will transport you back in time, this might be one you'll want to check out.


The neon graphics and cool game design make for some exciting gameplay. The controls are responsive and the nostalgia factor can't be beat. There are a lot of levels on tap to keep you occupied. The cool challenges add to the games uniqueness.


This app has a very large file size, so expect to have a good amount of space set up on your mobile device. Initial load up times were also a bit slow. The sound quality could be improved upon a little bit.

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by William

Aug 14, 2015

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