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by Peter Warrior

The greatest classic of all time. Official.

  • Respect for the classic
  • Tons of stages
  • Online tournaments
  • Multi-Player

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"He's back, pac, pac, pac..."

Here it is. You don't have to rummage among fakes, fan copies and crappy ports of Pacman anymore. NAMCO chose to give Pac the place he deserves, and it did in the best possible way: keeping the same game, from the very begginning to its utter end. This is truley faithful to the original. The only visible change is that you don't have to put a quarter in anymore.

However, the original PacMan won't be enough for a XXIst century gamer, so this comes with 250 and so stages, quite a handful of achievements, stats AND (here's the big "and" you were expecting for) tournaments. Once your score goes online, we'll see who brags the most, because playing at the arcades or on your old Atari 2600 is one thing, but playing in the year 2015 is definitely an another.

For it's 35th birthday (May 22, 2015), the new updated game has multi-player options and a better interface.

Lastly, a life-saver tip: controls have memory, so if you're pac-ing rightwards and you know that your next turn will be upwards, swipe up before you arrive to the corner. The rest is just about eating small and big balls, no much secret at all. We're sure you'll get the hang of it pretty fast.

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Mar 25, 2013

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