Panda Runner!



Panda Runner!is a very exciting run and jump game.You can jump,or jump on to the sky,

even fly.You adventure in the forest, village, city, country side and horrible castle.

You must avoid the fire and the darts.This is a skillful game, you must consider every

step to pass the level.Good luck!
How to Play:
- Tap on left side of screen to jump.
- If there is balloon on the sky, tap on right side of screen to throw your weapon
- You also can throw weapon when you are jumping
- There is no time limit, but you must avoid the fire and dart, or you have to restart

the level

Tips on Scoring:
- You get more score if you can get more coin
- You will get 3 stars if your score is more then 2000.1800 score for 2 stars and 1600

score for 1 stars.
- If the level is too hard for you ,you can unlocked the level by finishing some mission.

Tested on:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1(performance is GOOD)
Samsung Galaxy S2 (performance is GOOD)
Samsung Galaxy S (performance is GOOD)
Motorola Droid (Milestone) (performance is OK)
HTC Wildfire (performance is BAD)

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