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Play this game on your phone as if it was real life

  • Great for killing time
  • Entertaining
  • Choose difficulty in the other sceneries
  • Sometimes it's too hard

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"Toss the paper into the basket in the office, the airport, the basement or restroom"

This game is based in the real experience of making paper shots in the trash can while working the office. The app is simply a game that enables you to do the same activity in your smartphone. You just need to flick on the paper towards the desired direction. Beware of the electric fan, as it'll make your shot more challenging.

The game includes 3 levels of difficulty for the Office scenery and four different sceneries (Office, Airport, Basement, Restroom). The latter three only have one difficulty level; the best option would be setting three as in the office.

This is a pointless game with no other purpose than passing the time; but the problem is that it can get really hard in the additional sceneries, as you can't choose the difficulty. It also gets boring after a while, it's not recommended for playing for a long time.

Backflip Studios Inc. is the creator of Paper Toss, as well as another successful app like Nin Jump. Some things could be changed for improving the game as a whole, but overall, this is a fine app to pass the time when you're bored.

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by Ana , Appszoom

Apr 10, 2013

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