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Drive down the road and grab all the burgers without hitting the sides

  • Entertaining
  • Fun & Simple
  • Design is poor
  • Too simple sometimes

"Driving in search of burgers"

In this new Mr.Papi adventure you need to drive his car in order to catch burgers (valued in 100 points) that appear on the way and trying to avoid hitting the sides and falling behind because that will make you lose and start over again. You need to control the car by tilting the device left and right in order to make it go fast without touching the sides.

As any Papi game, the game is based in its simplicity and easy interface and playability. Of course, the design is not good but it's still fun and entertaining, although really challenging too, because the road becomes thinner as the game progresses.

Sunflat is the well-known creator of all Papi games and has had a great success with all of them. This is not the best of them but fans of the others will also enjoy it.

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Sep 02, 2011

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