Pen Fight 3D



    Your objective in this game is to knock the others pens off the table. Last pen standing wins the round. Your main goal is to capture most of the playing field while your opponent is trying to do the same. Be quick, apply the right strategy, and the victory will be yours!

    There are three game playing modes:

    1) Human Vs. Computer
    ----In every level computer has stronger pen than last level. You will get some gold coins after winning each level, besides some bonus coins will be given you for winning the game within a fixed time limit. You can buy stronger pen using these gold coins for next level.

    2) Human Vs. Human.
    ---Maximum four players can play together. Players can choose their pens as their own wish.

    3) Play online.
    --- You can play Penfight 3D against other players online !!!
    A great chance to play with people around the whole world. You played this game with your school friends while at school and now they may be far away from you. Want to relive your memories and connect with them at the same time? Enjoy a penfight game with them and revel in nostalgia. You don't need to be sitting right next to them to play multi-player any more. Have a fun and amazing experience across the internet!!!!

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