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Control your penguin and make it the best jumper

  • Cute graphics, engaging
  • Fun
  • Can be repetitive

"Air Penguin Jump"

Penguin Airborne is an action game for Android where the penguins are the main characters and your goal is to ascend.

Only five penguins were selected to take the final test, where they need to jump from the ledge and land safely. Your mission is to become the general and achieve the highest score: tap while flying to open the parachute, take into account that the last on the ground will be eliminated.

Try to stile your jumps and be sure to steer left and right so as to collect the items you will find. As you advance, the levels will become harder and your score depending on the positions, style and stars will probably be lower.

Noodlecake Studios Inc is the developer of penguin Airborne, a game appropriate for all ages, a fun entertainment for the family, where parents and kids can compete to see who can jump best and land most safely.

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