Pirates 3D



3D battle ship fighting and 3D fishing, in one!

Discover and conquer 24 areas with over 200 islands in this first campaign. Set sail with your pirate ship and enjoy epic battles! Earn coins by taking rest from battle while fishing and selling fish to your conquered island. Discover treasure islands to get golden treasure. Destroy and rob pirate and trade ships and sell stolen goods to you islands to earn some coins. Buy new stronger and faster ships while you advance. You can buy and upgrade cannons for 26 available ships and boats at the market.
More campaigns comming soon.


* Cartoon like real time 3D game
* Conquer 24 areas with over 200 islands
* Buy 26 different upgradable pirate ships and boats
* Destroy over 1800 enemies
* Discover treasure
* 3D fishing
* Good tablet support


* Android 2.1


* Internet and access network state - for ads
* Vibration

Tags: insular pirates

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